New Criteria Announced for Naturalization in the Republic of Cyprus

The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus has introduced a fresh set of criteria for individuals seeking naturalization as citizens of Cyprus. These amended criteria outline the prerequisites for eligibility to apply for Cypriot citizenship.

According to the updated regulations, prospective naturalized citizens must have maintained legal and continuous residence for a period of 12 months immediately preceding their application for citizenship. Notably, under the new criteria, periods of absence totaling up to 90 days in total will not disrupt this residency requirement.

Additionally, applicants must demonstrate a cumulative legal residence in the Republic of Cyprus for a minimum of seven years within the ten years leading up to the aforementioned 12-month residency period.

Furthermore, applicants are expected to exhibit good character, possess an “adequate” command of the Greek language, at a minimum level of B1, and demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the “basic elements of the modern political and social reality of the Republic.”

Financial stability is also a key factor, as applicants must prove they have suitable accommodation and stable financial resources capable of supporting themselves and their families. Moreover, they must express an intent to continue residing in the Republic.

The government has also unveiled specific requirements for the naturalization of “highly skilled” individuals, which is limited to employees of companies meeting stringent criteria. These include foreign-owned companies with operations in Cyprus and separate offices meeting specified standards.

Furthermore, the criteria extend to Cypriot shipping companies, high-tech and innovation firms engaged in aerospace, IT, pharmaceuticals, biomedicine, research, machinery, and chemicals. Additionally, Cypriot pharmaceutical and biogenetics companies, along with foreign companies registered in Cyprus, are included.

“Highly skilled” applicants are subject to similar requirements as regular applicants but with reduced residency and language proficiency prerequisites. Depending on their circumstances, they may only need to have resided in Cyprus for three or four years within the preceding ten years, with some applicants required to demonstrate Greek language proficiency at a minimum level of A2.

These new criteria represent the government’s efforts to streamline the naturalization process while ensuring that individuals seeking citizenship contribute positively to the economic and social fabric of the Republic of Cyprus.

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