Funds Setup & Administration

We can assist in obtaining regulatory approval and manage the setup of the fund acting as the point of contact with the authorities. Our services include:

  • advice and guidance on the choice of legal form and jurisdiction of the fund
  • coordinating the launch of the fund and preparation of constitutional documents
  • licensing support services for funds and management companies
  • drafting the Prospectus, business plan and  operations manual
  • shareholder and transfer agency services

We can administer a wide range of alternative investment funds and pools of collective investment schemes through the dedicated fund administration company.

Our services include:

  • Keeping a register of shareholders in electronic form
  • Arranging for the issue, transfer, allotment, conversion, redemption and/or purchase of shares, in accordance with the fund’s constitutional documents, following the instructions of the fund, and updating the register accordingly.
  • Receiving, recording and dealing with letters of administration, powers of attorney, dividend mandates, vesting orders, notices of change of names and other documents affecting  titles to shares or any dividends payable and consequently updating the register
  • Following the custodian’s orders to pay or deposit all monies and securities received
  • Preparing and issuing cheques for dividend payments or payments of redemption monies and notifying shareholders of all such payments, always in accordance with the instructions of the Board of Directors
  • Dispatching all such circulars, notices of meetings, reports and financial statements to all persons who are entitled to receive them
  • Attending board meetings and general meetings of the fund when required
  • Acting as a proxy agent in connection with the holding of meetings of shareholders, receive and tabulate votes cast by proxy and communicate to the fund the results of the tabulation
  • Providing fund accounting and valuation services
  • Determining in the name and on behalf of the fund on each valuation day the Net Asset Value per share in accordance with the information supplied by the Investment Manager
  • Keeping the accounts of the fund and such financial books and records as are required by law or otherwise for the proper conduct of the financial affairs of the fund