Cyprus International Trust – Information and use

Over the past twenty years, Cyprus has developed into one of the most favourable places for international business. The key factors are the low tax regime, its ability to offer sophisticated planning structures, its effectiveness to set up and manage collective investments schemes, the enactment of the Cyprus International Trusts Law and its excellent geographical position and infrastructure.

A foreigner wishing to establish a Cyprus based trust has the following options:

  • To create a trust, either by a trust deed or by will;
  • To incorporate a Cyprus International company to be the holder or the manager of movable property including securities and stock to be placed in trust in the Cypriot corporation or in an overseas company and managed by the Cyprus International Company and vice versa;
  • To incorporate in Cyprus a subsidiary company or a branch of an overseas corporation to hold or manage movable property placed in trust in the Cyprus subsidiary or branch of the overseas corporation;
  • To set up an international trust in Cyprus under the provisions of the Cyprus International Trusts Law.

Please download our Information Report on Cyprus International Trust [CIR001_2020 (Cyprus Trust)] for more information.

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